Football Is Officially Underway At BetBlack Free Legal Sportsbook

BetBlack FootballFootball Season Has Arrived At BetBlack Free Legal Sportsbook App!

It’s been many months in waiting, but the best time of the year has finally arrived.  Football season!

BetBlack is proud to bring you every NFL Football Game, along with the most popular NCAA College Football games every single week.

Games are posted daily at 4am, so enjoy a little BetBlack time with your morning coffee and bagel/doughnut.

BetBlack is the only FREE and LEGAL sportsbook app in the world.  Our app is legal, since you never risk your own money.  We give you the money that you bet with.  How cool is that?

Your goal is to take your $1.00 starting balance, and reach $1,000 or more to cash out to real money at a 1:10 ratio.  So if you win $1,000, you can cash out to $100 in cold hard cash (paid via check or PayPal).


For those of you who are new to BetBlack Free Legal Sportsbook App, here is how it works.

img_6882Step 1: Download the BetBlack Free Legal Sportsbook App from the Apple App Store [Click here]

Step 2: Signup for the BetBlack App using your e-mail or Facebook.  (note: if registering with email, you will need to click the confirmation email that is sent.  If you don’t see it, check your spam folder).

Step 3: Once you have registered for the BetBlack Free Legal Sportsbook App, you will see that your account now has $1.00 to bet with.  Bet your $1.00 however you want.  Place it all on one bet, or spread it out over a few bets.  The choice is up to you!

Step 4: If you want to get extra money to bet with, simply visit the “Balance Booster” screen on the app.  You can find the link on the home screen of BetBlack.  The “Balance Booster” feature allows you to perform tasks for extra money.  This includes downloading apps, watching videos, and completing surveys.  There is no limit as to how many you can do each day.

Step 5: If you win your bet, you will be notified via Push Notification, as well as an e-mail.  Keep playing and try to build your balance to $1,000 or more.  Once you reach that balance, you can cash out to real money at a 1:10 ratio.  So, your $1,000 balance is worth $100.00 real dollars (paid via Bank Check or PayPal).

If you lose your bet and your account has no money, your balance will reset the following day, and you will be given a new $1.00 to start the fun all over with again!

Step 6: Tell your friends and add them on the BetBlack Free Legal Sportsbook App.  Once you add friends, you can view their bets/results on the “Friends Feed”, which makes the app even more exciting and fun.

We appreciate you taking the time to read this article, and to show our appreciation, here is an extra $2.00 to get you started on the path to riches.  On the BetBlack App, go to the “Profile” screen, then click “Enter Promo Code”.  Type the code (Football2016), and your account will be credited with $2.00 on top of your current balance.  You are welcome!